Take advantage of the potential of SMS to communicate with your customers

Nothing beats SMS in scope and speed. You can access your customers instantly from anywhere. People read SMS quickly, so it works perfectly for urgent communications.

High Rate of Speed and Delivery.

Omnichannel platform to generate your campaigns.

Customize your Campaigns with multimedia content, landing pages, Flash messages, Messages with reply.

Easy integration via API, Rest or SMPP.  Our messaging API is simple, robust and developer friendly.

Toolbox: Easy Admin Dashboard

  • Create your users.
  • Control their management
  • Manage balance and cost centers.
  • Program your sending campaigns.
  • Get tailored reports.

Examples of practical uses

Critical Time Alerts

Being high-speed delivery, it makes it ideal for online transactions, timely notifications, delivery alerts, and other critical communications.

Mobile Marketing

Ideal for promoting or marketing campaigns.  Use it to notify your customers about new offers, short-term offers, access to coupons, app downloads.

Notifications and Reminders

Alert and notify in advance appointment reminders, overdue debts, suspension of any service.

Customer Service

SMS go both ways, so your customers can send you text to solve problems, provide feedback and ask questions.

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