WhatsApp Business API

Integrate your business with the WhatsApp Business API.

Reach 1,500 million users worldwide with our WhatsApp Enterprise Solution. Connect with your customers through the world’s most popular chat app!  With the WhatsApp Business official API, you’ll have access to enriched features, scalable, secure solution with a very high conversion rate.

What does WhatsApp Business Api offer you

Certified Official Account

Become a “Verified Company” and show confidence to your users by contacting your Official Number on WhatsApp

fácil integración easy

Easy Integration

Integrate our Rest API into your existing system (CRM, chatbot, etc.) or with our Omnichannel Tool .

mensaje messaging

Cost Efficiency

After the first message sent you can get 24 hours of free conversation after the customer’s response.

data datos

Data security and privacy

Messages are securely encrypted “end-to-end” so that they cannot be tampered with in transit, or after they arrive at the device.

chat bot

Mass automatic responses

It allows you to integrate various automatic responses options to serve a greater mass of users of uncomplex questions.

Send rich digital messages!!

  • Simple or combined Text Messages with Emojis.
  • Images in PNG, JPG, JPEG format.
  • Attachments such as PDF, so that its users can download it.
  • Share locations as a message indicating longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • Videos in MP4 format.

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