Lan-to-Lan (L2L)

Dedicated Access to Interconnect Multiple Headquarters

Ideal solution for Companies that need quality integration of branches or connections between more than two points. Bandwidth is guaranteed, symmetrical, and highly available, and enables secure Layer 2 connections. Ideal for connecting all devices, computers, printers, phones on the same network, centralized surveillance cameras to monitor your headquarters, despite being in remote locations.

fibra optica optical fiber

Dedicated Access with High Capacity Equipment and Redundancy Rings to ensure network availability.

bandwidth ancho de banda

Symmetrical Bandwidth with Guaranteed Download and Upload.

velocidad speed

Speeds from 10Mb to 10Gbps.

soporte support 24 / 7

Support and Monitoring 24×7.

privacidad privacity security

Privacy and Security of your data.

canal de conexión chanell

All your company’s devices in a single communication channel.

servidor server

It allows you to speed up the processes of installing and updating software if your headquarters are interconnected to the same server.

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